CSRS Lecture 2015

Irony and Sincerity in Contemporary American Fiction from CSRS on Vimeo.

Im Rahmen meines Stipendiums am Zentrum für Religion und Gesellschaft (Centre for Studies in Religion and Society) habe ich im Oktober 2015 an der University of Victoria einen öffentlichen Vortrag zum Thema “Irony and Sincerity in Contemporary American Fiction” gehalten. Hier ist der Ankündigungstext:

The 1990s were an age of irony, the origin of the hipster zeitgeist. In response, 21st-century writers and critics have issued a call for renewed sincerity and postironic belief. Does this mean that irony has forfeited its connection to the ethical ‘good life’? The lecture will address this question by reference to a division between philosophical irony and irony as detachment. The division will be mapped onto a range of contemporary novels in order to explore what role irony still has to play in the ancient struggle to know ourselves.

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