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Teaching Award 2017/2018

Many congratulations to @timpersonn, winner of the @UVicEnglish Graduate Sessional Teaching Award for 2017/18! @UVicEGSS @UVicHumanities @uvicgradstudies @UVic #UVic
— Grad Advisor (@UVicEnglGrad) May 15, 2018

Grimwood – Oceans in Reverse (2017)

Oceans in Reverse by Grimwood
Here’s my band’s latest album “Oceans in Reverse,” recorded 2016/2017 @ castle studios room 7 in Victoria, British Columbia.

CSRS Lecture 2015

Irony and Sincerity in Contemporary American Fiction from CSRS on Vimeo.
Im Rahmen meines Stipendiums am Zentrum für Religion und Gesellschaft (Centre for Studies in Religion and Society) habe ich im Oktober 2015 an der University of Victoria einen öffentlichen Vortrag zum Thema “Irony and Sincerity in Contemporary American Fiction” gehalten. Hier ist der Ankündigungstext:
The 1990s

Vanier 2013

Anlässlich der Verleihung des Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship 2013 habe ich The Ring, der Hauspostille der University of Victoria, ein kleines Interview gegeben:

Q: Tell us about your research at UVic. When did you arrive here and where are you in your PhD program?
I am right on the cusp of getting ready for my doctoral dissertation.